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You Are 8 Weeks Pregnant

July 11, 2012

This is six weeks since conception and the ‘fetus’ not yet called a baby is one a half centimeters long. The heart beats more regularly at 8 weeks pregnant as blood flows smoothly through the blood vessels. Its ears, nose, tongue, lips and fingers are forming during this time.

You can see the blood vessels and brain through the baby’s skin that is translucent and as thin as paper. The cartilage and bone also start to form at 8 weeks pregnant. ┬áThe intestines move to their position in the abdominal cavity and other organs, nerves and muscles begin to function. The limbs are gradually getting longer while the elbows develop.

Your tummy is growing and you will notice a slight bump at 8 weeks pregnant. You may begin to have nose bleeds and bleeding gums due to the increased volume of blood in your body. Blood volume may increase by thirty percent to cater for the developing baby. You may also start having pimples on the face and dark patches that appear on the skin. This is thought to be caused by hormonal changes. Nausea and constipation will become part of you from now on until the second trimester when you will be able to hold down food longer.