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‘Good’ Massage Therapists Are A Dime-a-Dozen

April 5, 2012

When I visit my sister Allison in Chicago, I always take the time to get a massage. When my regular Chicago massage therapist moved from Chicago to Seattle, I had to find a new massage therapist. Instead of looking on the internet or calling around, I asked Allison if she had any recommendations. She suggested Nina, a massage therapist she’d been visiting since her first child was born. She spoke so highly of Nina that I probably would have been willing to give her a try even if my old therapist had still been in town.

So, I called the number she gave me and made an appointment with Nina, who happens to share an office with a chiropractor Chicago. The first thing I noticed about Nina was her friendly smile. She was both welcoming and professional, traits I certainly look for in a massage therapist. I liked her instantly. I’m normally uncomfortable with new people touching me, but Nina quickly put me at ease. I was relaxed within minutes and was able to enjoy every second of my massage.

Some people are satisfied with a decent massage, possibly because they have never experienced a great massage. I, on the other hand, have very high expectations due to past experiences. I am pleased to relay that my expectations were met in Chicago, and then some!