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GE SFR03BAPB Compact Refrigerator

October 30, 2013

Frigidaire is one of the leading brands in the world of refrigeration. Its new offering, the GE SFR03BAPB Compact Refrigerator is agreat product that offers value of money and great service to any one who acquires it. Let’s have alook at some of its features

Features of GE Compact Refrigerator

• Compact
• Freezer is very easy to access. The freezer includes door rack and shelf
• The SpaceWise Countertop offers ideal place for placing microwave

I have been using this refrigerator for the past six years. It remains the most amazing thing in my house because it works pretty well. It is also the ideal choice for dorm room because it travels excellently. Within this period of six years, I have gone to and from Mammoth Lakes in California to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 4 years. I moved it on its side and it still runs supper well, very quietly. I have never had problems with it.

I also purchased it for my son who is studying law at SUNY, two years ago. He is now in his third year and has never reported any issues with it. He wanted a refrigerator with both freezer and fridge so that he cold store regular food as well as frozen snacks. He has transported it forth and back the school in NY and home in Ca about five times during the college holidays. It still runs as though it is new.

The GE SFR03BAPB Compact Refrigerator not only quiet but also offers plenty of storage space. Its looks are unbelievably great. My son told me that he gets very many compliments from his friends at the law school about the awesome fridge.

At home in Calif, I cannot ask for anything better because its price is reasonable. If you are thinking about buying this refrigerator do not hesitate because it such a great product designed to work well. I can assure you that you will not regret the choice because it is crazy great.

Any negative reviews about this refrigerator have no basis. Mine and that of my son work great and have not leaked anything. It is much quieter than the larger fridges within its price category.

I cannot point out any single flaw in this refrigerator.