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Concern of an Expectant Mother – 39 Weeks Pregnant

June 30, 2012

Being 39 weeks pregnant is a huge moment in the life of an expectant mother, by this time of her pregnancy she has most certainly shortlisted some potential names for her baby. She has finished shopping for her unborn baby and now waiting for that special day to come.

The most common concern in the mind of an expectant mother is whether she is taking good care of the baby or not. She is always worried that any wrong activity of hers may cause some harm to her baby. This is a natural motherly instinct being 39 weeks pregnant. The mother is also concerned about her basic movements like sleeping on her side. While being careful is good for the baby, being too over protective may have a detrimental effect on the health of the child. In these weeks of pregnancy the mother should take care of her diet as it is directly linked to the well being of the child.

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