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Compatibility of HP 546 to HP 564 XL

August 25, 2014

EZselections Company is a Canadian online company that specializes in the sale of printing products and accessories. They pride themselves in providing the best services and the products in the industry.  One of the products they provide is the HP546XL compatible ink cartridge 4 color combo set. The availability is marked as in stock, meaning that there is no risk of customers ordering the products and experiencing delays because of lack of stock. The price has also been reduced from the regular price to a special price set by the EZselections Company. The special price is 27.99 Canadian dollars while the regular price is 34.99 Canadian dollars.

The compatible ink cartridge is a combo set of four colors. The ink cartridges are in four colors, black, magenta, cyan and yellow. The page yield varies with different color of ink cartridges. The page yield for the black ink cartridges is 550 pages while the page yield for the cyan, magenta or yellow cartridges is 750 pages. The four color pack is compatible with other printers and the bulk set helps the customer save. Instead of buying original cartridges, one can save by buying compatiblebrands.HP is a respected brand, and the original ink cartridges have been recharged and have only been through a single cycle ofservice.

EZselections Company is a newly formed company. Although they are relatively new, they are making the right steps. They claim to be offering some of the most comprehensive shopping services in the industry. Their website reveals that they have a fourteen day return period during which one can return the products that they have bought without having any questions asked of them. The company also offers free shipment for any orders that customers make that are above 49 dollars. They also have varying payment options like payment through credit cards or other options like PayPal. They also have other ways of satisfying their customers. They have a comprehensive communication system with a toll free number that customers can call and ask questions. They also have an online inquiry system and a frequently asked questions section to make it easier for customers to get answers. Their website also reveals that they have chat system where the more tech savvy of their clients can chat with their sales representatives.

The company is based in the Ontario region of Toronto, Canada. Their warehouse is in the same region and they have the capability of supplying to almost all the regions of the country.